The Importance of Financial Protection

If you are a parent then the chances are your kids will be financially dependent on you for some years to come. If you have parents then it’s possible that they may also become financially dependent on you in some way or other too. This “sandwich generation” looks set to keep growing as couples leave it later to have children and the older generation lives longer. 

Having this dual financial pressure and responsibility makes it even more important to consider how your loved ones would cope if you were to suffer a critical illness or even die. Nobody likes to think about the worst case scenario, but sadly it does happen. If you have put some financial protection in place the difference that alone can make on your dependents future is massive.

As a healthy person working with a decent income, you probably feel reasonably confident that you are are able to provide for your family, right? However, your finances could be more precarious than you think. Legal & General say that the average family in Northern Ireland has just 36 days before they are on the breadline should income be lost through lost-term sickness, critical illness or death. Just 36 days. This was part of their study deadline to breadline carried out in 2017.

This is why it essential to protect yourself and your family by putting the appropriate insurances in place to protect yours and your families financial future. Seems crazy that you would insure your tumble dryer but not think about insuring your income!

There are a range of insurances designed to protect against all scenarios. We would be delighted to put in place your very own bespoke personal portfolio of protection products to protect your families future. Just get in touch today.


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