Illness and Medical Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance pays out a lump sum on diagnosis of a range of serious conditions, typically including heart attacks, strokes, certain types of cancer and conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis(MS).

Pay-outs are commonly used to pay off the mortgage and other debts, while some people cover outgoings such as children’s school fees, which they might not be able to afford if they cannot work.

Private Medical Insurance

Private Medical Insurance (PMI) can help you obtain medical treatment more quickly than would otherwise be the case through the NHS. It can therefore enable you to get back to work sooner. Particularly for the self-employed and business owners this can be key to maintaining the income your family relies on.

Not one single product is suitable in all cases or scenarios, please contact us today and we can put a bespoke plan in place to protect what is important to you and your family. It could cost less than you think

We are not yet authorised to give advice on Private Medical Insurance, with your prior consent your details would be referred on to an adviser within our network that is authorised in Private Medical Insurance.

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